All Natural, Handmade

Made with Greek Olive Oil

Our olive oil soap is gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and formulated with natural ingredients, including lovely smelling essential oils and natural exfoliants. Our soaps are free from detergents, parabens, preservatives, silicones, SLS, sorbates, and sulphates.


our aim: to offer the highest quality natural soap made with extra virgin Greek olive oil


I loved the smell of the patchouli & earl grey soap and it left the scent on my skin which I don’t usually find with soaps. It made my skin soft and I even used it on my face and my skin didn’t break out!!

Louise - London, UK

I LOVE the unscented soap. As someone who prefers fragrance-free soaps, it is really hard to find them in the high-end soap line. The soap is fragrant-free but still is made from high quality ingredients that I feel safe using on my skin. I will definitely buy more of these soaps!

Sara - Michigan, USA

We have used the lavender & tea tree and peppermint tea (which was my favorite) – both had nice scents to them and were a very natural cleanse.

Chad - Indiana, USA

I have been using the geranium pink clay bar for a few weeks now and I haven’t stopped! My face feels clean and light after every use. I have literally put all my other facial cleaners to the side and my face feels so moisturized afterwards. I really like this soap and it’s even helped with some of my acne.

Anna - Greece

Normally when I add new products to the shower my husband doesn’t notice. This time, he immediately asked where the new soap came from because he loved it! Our favorite is the tea tree poppy seed with the different textures.

Joann & Wietse, Netherlands

Love this soap! I get dry skin, especially in the winter months, so I started using in-shower body lotions to help. When I started using this soap, I noticed that my skin was less dry than before — it must be the olive oil! Sometimes I skip using the in-shower body lotion all together because my skin feels great. Would definitely recommend giving this soap a try, especially if you have dry skin!

Erika - Illinois, USA

Currently I have the peppermint soap in my shower which is nice because my husband and I can both use it. He has purchased those ‘manly scented soaps’ in the past, which I don’t care for, and I end up using something else. The peppermint tea soap is perfect because he doesn’t have to smell like flowers, and I enjoy its subtle clean scent. It lathers well, and lasts as long or longer than commercial soap. It doesn’t dry out either. Some soap bars get dry and crack up at the end of their life. Not this stuff; it’s good until the last drop!

Carrie - Michigan USA

This soap is great for my dry skin and it keeps my body moisturized. It doesn’t over dry my skin after using and smells great. I have used this on my body and face and afterwards my skin feels clean and fresh. No waxy feeling or build up on skin. It’s nice to know ingredients are natural and I’m not putting harmful ingredients on my body! I highly recommend this soap.

Bella - Michigan, USA

I love the soap from Vilia Soap Company. Not only do I use them, but my husband does too. His soap of choice is the Lavender & Tea Tree. My favorite is the Geranium & Neroli. Not only do these soaps leave you feeling fresh and clean, you can rest assured you are not putting harmful chemicals onto your body. I love that they are made with pure oils and only the best ingredients. I am hooked!

Andrea - Michigan, USA

I love the lavender soap. Very soft lather and the fragrance not only lasts on my body, my bathroom smells as if I have a bouquet of lavender flowers sitting on my vanity!! The bar of soap lasts a long time also! I would recommend buying to use for yourself or they are awesome to give as gifts!

Chris - Michigan, USA

I absolutely love the soaps. I tried two and both of them have wonderful scents, the lather is good. They have a luxurious feeling and leave a light scent on my skin. My skin feels soft and moisturized, which is wonderful in this cold, dry winter. You have amazing products.

Cindy - Michigan, USA

I used the lavender soap and It not only smelled wonderful, it was beautifully made. It lathered up nicely and made my skin so soft. I look forward to purchasing more soap.

Joni - Michigan, USA

The lavender & tea tree smelled delightful. It was a great addition to use along with a relaxing bubble bath (complete with a glass of wine and a good book of course). These soaps are a wonderful way to indulge yourself. They are also a wonderful gift for a friend.

Rose - Illinois, USA

The earl grey & patchouli is subtle and refreshing, not overpowering but also gave a burst of energy. I love the peppermint tea and geranium & pink clay, they are subtle and refreshing, not overpowering. Lavender is by far my fave! The scent is relaxing and I love the design/color! The cinnamon & orange soap is all the best parts of fall but for all year round! After using this soap my hands feel clean and refreshed and I feel like I’m doing the right think for my skin by using all natural products!

Danielle - Illinois, USA

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