Yiasas (Hello)!

My name is Staci Hamalis.   Vilia Soap Company was founded out of my love of olive oil (aka liquid gold!) because of the amazing skin benefits.  While living in my husband’s native country of Greece, I had the opportunity to help harvest the family’s olives every November and by the way probably the toughest job I have ever had!  The olives are processed into oil that our family uses until the next harvest and a portion of the oil goes to make soap.   My father-in-law, a retired chemist, taught me how to make my first batch of soap in 2012 and I was hooked.  It helped my dry skin and best of all it was all natural and not filled with nasty chemicals often found in mass produced soaps.

In 2015, I saw a gap in the market with the increasing demand for natural bath & body products and I left my global consulting career to start Vilia Soap.  Not everyone will go to Greece in their lifetime, but I will do my best to bring Greece to them through the soap, skincare, and bath and body products I create. My products are natural, made with 100% Greek olive oil (because let’s face it – it really is the best), inspired from Greece, and handmade with love in small batches in Chicago.  I use the family soap recipe as a base and put my own twist on each scent, using inspiration from ancient Greek traditions and herbs, flowers, and fruit that can be found in Greece.

I believe in helping others and have committed to give back and donate a portion of our profits to charity. Learn more here.

The word ‘Vilia’ is from the Greek word ‘voukamvilia’ – a plant with beautiful flower like spring leaves that is prevalent in the Greek Cyclades (and by the way if you haven’t been, please go there, it is gorgeous!). Our signature packaging includes the voukamvilia flower which was illustrated by Antonia Kaplani, a local Greek artist, exclusive for our products.


Me Ygeia (With Health)!

Staci Hamalis
Founder & Artisan Soap Maker

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